Unique California wines, expressing a sense of place- just a little off center.

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Our goal is to explore great wines in distinctive regions that are interesting and modest in price. It is a journey that we have always been on in our own exploration of wine.  We want to take you on that journey with us!


 At first we decided to find a great vineyard that would make a unique Petite Sirah.  We happen to love this grape, and thought to make one that was just a bit different.  The robust and powerful aspects of Petite Sirah shouldn't necessarily come from ripeness levels or excessive alcohols.  We wanted minerality and complexity; and the volcanic red, and granitic soils of Calaveras County provide those amazing qualities.  We intend to continue our exploration of Petite Sirah vineyards all over California, but Tanner Vineyard in Vallecito will be our first stop.

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2015 Petite Sirah
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